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The Workforce curriculum empowers employees with essential digital skills vital in today's workplaces, enabling efficient technology utilization. It comprises three key modules: Essential Skills establish foundational knowledge, Office Applications build practical workplace competencies, and Good Practice ensures secure and efficient technology usage within professional environments.

Modules in Workforce

Essential skills

Application Essentials

The Application Essentials module covers crucial skills in using office productivity apps like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It's vital for various job roles involving tasks such as creating documents, managing data, and sharing information. Proficiency in these technologies forms a necessary foundation for effective job execution. This module targets individuals seeking to master these applications, essential not just for specific duties but also as a gateway to broader expertise in these widely used office tools globally.

Computer and online Essentials

The Computer & Online Essentials module thoroughly covers crucial skills for navigating computers, devices, file and application management, networks, online information, communication, and safety measures. In today's professional landscape, technological proficiency is fundamental, spanning various vocations.

This module targets individuals reliant on computers for task execution while laying a foundation for advanced proficiency in workplace technology. Even for those familiar with common computer tasks, acquiring supplementary skills in device settings, browsing protocols, and communication methods can yield substantial benefits.

Computer Essentials

The Computer Essentials module teaches vital skills for using devices, computers, ICT, and software effectively in the workplace. Proficiency in managing these tools securely and efficiently is crucial for employees today. It covers primary computer skills such as settings configuration, file management, network connections, and data security for a diverse range of candidates aiming to harness technology's potential.

Online  Essentials

The Online Essentials module delineates fundamental principles and proficiencies pertinent to web browsing, efficient information retrieval, online communication, and email management.

Leveraging online tools and services for information acquisition and communication stands as a pivotal component of daily professional routines. The competencies and understanding crucial to these tasks form the crux of the Online Essentials module, which emphasizes browsing, search proficiency, and communication methodologies.

Office  Applications


The Documents module covers fundamental principles and proficiencies for word processing tasks such as creating, formatting, and finalizing different types of workplace documents. Proficiency in using word processing applications is crucial across various job roles where ICT skills are essential.

This module provides the necessary knowledge and skills for producing well-structured and clear documents. It's designed for a diverse audience aiming to work effectively with documents using various word processing applications available.


The Spreadsheets module covers essential skills for using spreadsheets effectively, including creating, formatting, modifying, and analyzing data. It explores data visualization techniques like graphs and charts beyond standard formulas and functions. Professionals across various roles, such as accountants, project managers, sales executives, and engineers, rely on spreadsheets for critical calculations and analyses.


The Presentations module covers essential principles and proficiencies for effectively using presentation software to create and deliver presentations. Presentations are valuable for conveying information, whether for a speaker's delivery or as reference material. The skill to present information clearly is highly valuable in professional settings.

This module is designed to suit a diverse range of candidates across various job roles that involve communication with different audiences for multifaceted purposes.


The Teamwork module focuses on essential principles and proficiencies for effective collaboration within teams using collaborative tools and platforms. Successful teamwork relies on coordinated efforts, where these technologies aid communication, planning, task management, and secure information sharing among team members. It's beneficial for individuals in team-oriented roles or those preparing to join teams using such tools for collective goals.

Good  Practice

Cyber security

The IT Security module teaches crucial skills for safely using ICT in everyday environments, emphasizing secure network connections, safe internet practices, and effective data management. Covering concepts like safeguarding information, privacy, and identity theft prevention, it's valuable across job roles, helping both workers and employers protect vital resources..

Online collaboration

The Online Collaboration module covers essential concepts and proficiencies for collaborative work using web-based tools and services. With the rise of distributed teams and remote work, technology plays a key role in breaking geographical and organizational barriers.

Professionals often need new skills to collaborate effectively with global counterparts. This module suits diverse job roles, emphasizing that online collaboration goes beyond distant teams. These tools enhance productivity, benefiting workers regardless of their physical location.

Data protection

The Data Protection module covers vital knowledge on principles, policies, and compliance regarding data protection. As professionals handle sensitive data, acquiring skills for secure and lawful data management is crucial. Breaches can have legal and commercial consequences, prompting employers to value understanding data protection concepts. This module holds global relevance beyond the EU, recognizing the importance of these principles and regulations worldwide.

Remote Work

Your succinct summary effectively captures the key points regarding the importance of the Data Protection module, emphasizing the significance of skills in managing sensitive data and acknowledging its global relevance beyond EU regulations.