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Digital Citizen

The Digital Citizen program is crafted specifically for complete newcomers to computers and the internet. Customized to ease concerns and streamline education, it presents a non-threatening method to instruct essential computer, email, and internet competencies.

Digital Citizen is crafted specifically for individuals lacking any prior experience with computers or the Internet, aiming to alleviate apprehension commonly associated with technology for novices. It adopts a straightforward and non-intimidating approach to impart fundamental computer, email, and internet skills, offering a lighthearted and uncomplicated initiation into these realms for absolute beginners. The program's primary goals are to instill a foundational comprehension of computers and the internet, bolster confidence, and serve as a stepping stone for further exploration and skill development. Regardless of status, education, age, or familiarity, Digital Citizen welcomes all individuals who wish to delve into the realm of technology. For those who have never engaged with a computer and possess limited knowledge of the internet's capabilities, this program serves as a supportive platform to conquer fears and embark on their computer journey, even if they believe it's too complex or late to start.